Postcard Perfect

Do you want to live in an eye-catcher? Then a luxury rental apartment in De Bakermat is really something for you. This beautiful building stands out. The height, the location, the design, the facade colours, everything about this building demands your attention. In other words, “A postcard-worthy architectural building with metropolitan allure”, according to developer SDK. Inspired by striking buildings from the past, built with an eye to the future. With the theme of “time” in mind, the concept was further developed. It is not a coincidence that you live here between the famous clock of the Klokgebouw on Strijp-S and the clock of the Sint Petrus Church. Van Aken Architecten sought collaboration with industrial designer Maarten Baas, who provided a valuable and innovative angle with his well-known works of art around that theme. Time was translated to Origin. And that’s how you get to De Bakermat, a Dutch term that refers to the place where your cradle once stood.

Two international teams were set up for an internal design competition. Commissioned by initiator SDK Vastgoed and in collaboration with designer Maarten Baas, two teams from the Eindhoven architectural firm of Van Aken Architects (VAA) entered into a battle. The winner was chosen on the basis of public votes and the judgment of a professional jury. The design called “The Sketch” won the competition.

Imaginative architecture - unique, innovative and inspiring

What immediately stands out when you look at De Bakermat are the playful lines. As if it was sketched freehand, or as a child would draw a house. The variation in size and shapes of the windows further reinforce this feeling. By using different colours and materials for the facades, the illusion is created that the building consists of several houses. And if you look longer you see a house in an apartment building, a house on legs, and the impression of gabled roofs. An imaginative design, fitting this prominent place in Eindhoven. But it's not just fantasy that this building is based on. The building's function as a bridge between the residential area at the back and the busy Marconilaan has been well thought out. For example, you see a construction in height of the blocks, so that the low-rise building behind it fits in well with the existing buildings. The high-rise building on Marconilaan forms a wall to separate the area behind it from the busy traffic. A route is created for slow traffic by means of an underpass. The low-rise building has an alley with the same function. The alley and underpass meet in the green inner garden, which is free from traffic noise and offers great added value for the neighbourhood.

Sustainable living

In De Bakermat you live in a sustainable and future-proof apartment. You cook on a modern induction hob, and your apartment is connected to the Ennatural heating network. The heating of your apartment and the water is therefore provided by Ennatural through the biomass power station at Strijp-T. As a result, you no longer need a gas connection and thus contribute to a reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels. The Bakermat is built according to the most modern guidelines with regard to insulation and durability, so that you enjoy a comfortable and constant temperature in your home. With the green inner garden, attention is paid to biodiversity and a nicer living climate in an urban environment. After all, more plants contributes to better drainage of rainwater during heavy downpours, and helps with temperature regulation during hot summers. In De Bakermat you live comfortably, modern and future-proof!

The advantages of renting

A rental home provides security and flexibility. You have no unexpected costs for major maintenance. You don’t have to invest in a new kitchen or bathroom. And you live in a sustainable home, without incurring any costs yourself. Fixed monthly costs, so nice and easy! The risk of depreciation, financing and interest rate changes lies with the lessor. And what if something breaks? Then we are ready to fix it for you. Would you like flexibility? Then renting is also a good fit for you. You have a rental agreement of at least 1 year, which can then be terminated on the first of the following month + 1 month’s notice period. Do you now have your own home and do you want to live carefree and enjoy life more? The capital released from the sale of your home offers many opportunities. A nice vacation, work less hours, eat out more often or turn your hobby into your job? However you spend your money, in De Bakermat you live in a spectacular building in a fantastic location in Eindhoven.