Which conditions must I meet to be eligible for an apartment?

After registration, the suitable candidates will be matched with the available homes. But what is a suitable candidate? It is important that you have sufficient income to pay the rent, now and in the future. That is why income guidelines have been established and we look at your income situation in the future. In addition, it is necessary that you can pass a credit check.

Income required: 3,5 x rent
pension: 3 x rent
Demonstrable long-term income
Pass a credit check

Income guidelines

Income guidelines have been drawn up to ensure that you can pay the rent every month and also bear your other (fixed) expenses. To avoid disappointment during the registration process, you can already calculate whether you can meet these guidelines. It is important that you as a tenant(s) can comply with these guidelines yourself. A guarantee from third parties is not permitted due to additional risks. Because the houses are rented out in the private sector, it is not possible to receive housing benefit.

With income from employment: minimum gross monthly income of 3,5 times the monthly rent
Income from pension: minimum gross monthly income of 3 times the monthly rent
A second income counts for 100%.

Do you have equity on a Dutch bank account? If you have equity of at least € 50,000 and it is important to include this in order to meet the income guidelines, we count 10% of the equity as income on top of your gross annual income. In addition to equity, there must also be a structural income.


If you are employed, it is important that you have an employment contract of at least 6 months, supplemented with a letter of intent from your employer to extend the contract afterwards. To calculate your gross monthly income, look at your gross monthly salary on your salary slip. All amounts stated on your employer's statement are included in this, including holiday pay and a fixed bonus and thirteenth month if applicable.

Pension or benefit

If you can demonstrate that you can structurally meet the income requirement with your benefit, this will count as the first or only income. In addition, a benefit also counts if it concerns a second income. Student finance is a loan and therefore does not count as income. Because a pension is subject to a lower tax rate, the income requirement for retirees is lower: 3 times the monthly rent.


As an entrepreneur you can also rent a house in De Bakermat. You are eligible if you have had your own business for more than 1 year and your net profit before tax demonstrably meets the income requirement. You can demonstrate this with annual accounts for the most recent closed financial year, drawn up by an accountant or administration office. Good to know: a deposit of 3 months basic rent is requested if you as an entrepreneur are going to rent a house in De Bakermat.

Good to know about renting in De Bakermat

You can only rent a home in De Bakermat if you are going to live there yourself, and you register after the move at the rented address in the Municipal Personal Records Database of the Municipality of Eindhoven. You rent the house for at least 1 year. After that, the rent can be terminated as of the first of the following month, with 1 month's notice. An example: you indicate on April 19 that you want to terminate the lease, then the lease will end on June 1.

The final matching is done based on the information you provide, including information about your income and your home preference. It is therefore important that you fill in the registration form completely and truthfully. All data is later checked by means of a document check and a credit check.