Safely uploading documents in my personal dossier

During the registration, we ask you to upload personal documents into your online personal dossier. We mainly ask for documents related to your identity and income situation. These documents are necessary to validate wether you can meet the income requirements. There are a number of things to keep in mind while collecting and uploading your documents. Please read the tips and tricks on this page to make sure that the documents you upload are secure and valid.

Tips & tricks

Date of signature Documents must not be older than 3 months at the time of uploading them into your personal online dossier

Validity Word files are not processed to ensure the authenticity of the documents. Make sure to upload all documents as PDF in your personal online dossier.

Security and email The personal online dossier is a safe environment in which you can manage your data and documents yourself. Documents submitted by e-mail cannot be processed and will be deleted immediately.

Identification A driving license is not regarded as a valid proof of identity. We would like to receive a copy of a valid passport. Please note: the BSN and passport photo may not be visible on the copy of the passport.

Preventing identity fraud

To prevent identity fraud, we do not process copies of identity documents on which the citizen service number and passport photo are still visible. So make sure that your citizen service number and passport photo are not visible on the documents you upload. You can cover the citizen service number and your passport photo before making the copy, or you can use the KopieID app of the Rijksoverheid.

More about KopieID app