Assessment & income
What criteria do I have to meet to be eligible for an apartment in De Bakermat?

To be eligible for a home, it is important that you can meet the income guidelines. As a tenant, you must comply with these guidelines yourself, third-party guarantees are not possible. In addition, it is important that you do not have a negative BKR registration.

As soon as the rental starts, you can start the online registration process. Here you will be asked to enter information about your income. Based on the documents that are requested, it is then checked whether you meet the income requirement.

Can I rent an apartment in De Bakermat as an entrepreneur?

Yes of course! As an entrepreneur you can rent an apartment if you have your own company for at least 1 year and meet the income requirements. We will ask for a financial statement of a closed financial year, prepared by an accountant or trust office. The result ( net profit before tax) will be used as your year income. The average net winst over multiple years will be used as your gross income.

It is good to know that we ask entrepreneurs for a deposit of 3 months rent at the time of signing the rental agreement. The deposit needs to be in possession of the landlord before the key handover.

How much income is required to be able to rent?

The following income guidelines apply:

Minimum gross monthly income (including holiday pay and any fixed year-end bonuses) of 3.5 x monthly rent.

– With two family incomes, the second income counts for 100%.

– Retired: the sum of AOW and any net pension is at least equal to 3 x the monthly rent. Possibly supplemented with sufficient equity to be able to make up the shortfall on the income guideline in the long term.

– Self-employed:

> a net profit before tax demonstrable against the above-mentioned income guideline;

> you have been doing business for at least a full financial year.

If the income requirements are not fully met, a deposit may be requested.

What are the income requirements?

To rent an apartment in Westbeat, it is important that you are able to pay the rent every month. That is why you have to meet the following income requirements to be eligible for an apartment:

Minimum gross monthly income of 4 x the monthly rental price including the rental price for the parking space (if applicable);

In case of retirement: minimum gross monthly income of 3.5 x the monthly rental price
With two family incomes, the second income counts for 100%;

If you have equity on a Dutch bank account and this is important to include in the calculation, we will count 10% of the equity as income on top of the other annual income. Equity starting from € 50,000.00 can be included in the calculation. In addition to your equity, there must also be a fixed income.

Can parents or other third parties act as guarantor if I cannot meet the requirements?

Due to the extra risks that a guarantee entails, it is unfortunately not possible to have parents or third parties act as guarantors. It is important that tenants can pay the rent independently and meet the income guidelines.

I am an on-call, temporary or flex worker. Is this income included in the income calculation?

No. As an on-call, temporary or flex worker you have less certainty about your income, your gross salary can change every month. Only guaranteed/fixed income count when calculating gross income.

Does a benefit count as income and (how) is it included in the calculation?

If this is a guaranteed/fixed 2nd income, you can add a benefit to the joint gross income.

Is overtime or irregularity allowance included in the income calculation?

No, these amounts are not guaranteed / fixed.

Does the student grant count as income?

No, DUO student finance is a loan and therefore does not count as income.

Can I rent an apartment for my child, who is studying in Eindhoven?

No, these are not student apartments.

I want to rent an apartment in De Bakermat. What should I do?

1. Check whether you meet the income guidelines.
2. If so, complete the online registration form, upload the requested documents and complete the registration.

Your registration will then be processed and you will be matched with the available apartments. If you can be matched with one of the apartments you will receive a notification and you can accept the offer in your “personal dossier”. You will then receive the rental agreement for signing. VB&T will inform you 3 weeks in advance about the final starting date of the rental agreement.

What fixed costs do I pay in addition to the rental price?

In addition to your “basic” rent for your apartment and parking space, you pay a monthly advance on the service costs. For your apartment this amount is € 42,50 per month, the service costs for a parking space are € 5,00 per month. This includes costs of electricity for the common areas, maintenance of general installations, elevators, courtyard garden, cleaning costs, water, telephone costs for the elevator, glass insurance and a number of municipal taxes.

Also take into account the costs for private use of water, electricity, district heating, household insurance and (municipal) taxes.

When can I view a model home?

As soon as possible, we organise an Open House or viewing by appointment to view the furnished model homes. We will keep you informed via the Newsletter. Of course we adhere to the corona rules requested by the government.

When will the apartments be delivered?

The first apartments are expected to be delivered in July 2022. Be aware that this is a prognosis.


Can I receive housing allowance while renting in De Bakermat?

No, you will not receive a housing allowance for a rental property in the free sector. For rent allowance, the basic rent (excluding service costs & costs for heat, water and electricity) may not exceed €752.33 (2021) per month.

Quality & services
Does the apartment have ventilation?

Yes, your apartment is equipped with mechanical ventilation. In building A you have a WTW box (heat recovery system) and in building B you have a mechanical ventilation box.

How are the walls and ceiling finished?

The walls will be delivered with white vinyl wallpaper and white sauce work. The ceiling will be painted. The wall in a separate toilet will also be painted above the tiles (from 1.35 meters high).

How is the kitchen set up?

Each apartment is delivered with a luxurious white sleek kitchen with black composite stone counter top and luxury built-in appliances; a fridge-freezer combination or fridge with freezer compartment, combi microwave, induction hob, recirculation extractor hood and dishwasher. The floor plans show the layout of the kitchen by type.

How is the bathroom finished?

The bathroom is equipped with a walk-in shower with fixed glass wall or shower doors where necessary, washbasin and electric design radiator. Above the washbasin(s) hangs a mirror and preparation for lighting. The Mosa tiles on the floor are anthracite, 30 x 30 cm, in the shower corner 15 x 15 cm. The tiles on the wall are high-gloss white, 15 x 30 cm. On the floor plans you can see the layout / furnishing per type of home.

Does my apartment come with a separate storage room?

Most apartments do, some do not. If an apartment does not have a separate storage room, then you have a large storage room in the apartment itself, indoors, to store things. Check the price list to see which apartments have a separate storage room.

There are 9 external storage rooms that can optionally be rented for €35 per month for tenants of an apartment in building A. Tenants of an AG apartment of 60 square meters are given priority because there is no separate storage room as standard with this type of apartment. The storage room only has low-voltage power for the lighting

How is the apartment heated?

District heating will be installed in De Bakermat. For this, the tenant concludes a separate contract with the supplier. The rental apartments are heated by underfloor heating. There is an electric radiator in the bathroom.

Is there a ventilation system in the rental property?

The rental apartments in block A are equipped with a heat recovery balance ventilation system with heat recovery, block B is mechanically ventilated via grilles in the facade and a CO2 sensor in the living room.

How energy efficient are the apartments?

The apartments in the new De Bakermat project have been built with attention to sustainability. The houses are well insulated and there are solar panels on part of the roof. Electricity generated by the panels is used directly for the parking garage.

Where can I park my bike?

Building B will have a bicycle shed for residents. There will also be a covered outdoor bicycle shed behind building B. You can also store your bicycle in your own separate storage room.

Where can I park my car?

You can optionally (but limited) rent one parking space at your apartment in the parking garage under the complex for € 75 per month. In total there are 99 parking spaces for tenants of a house. Renters of a parking space receive a tag to open the barrier to drive in and out freely. You look for an available parking space in the parking garage. You will not be allocated a fixed parking space. There are no charging stations at the parking lot to charge an electric car.

Do you want to rent a parking space? Please indicate this directly with your online registration.

Are shared cars available at De Bakermat?

Yes! In the parking garage, 9 permanent parking spaces are reserved for shared cars from Amber Mobility for residents. More information about this can be found on Amber’s website.

Registration & renting online
Do I have to pay for registration or agency fees?

No, registration fees or agency fees are not applicable.

Before (or during) the signing of the rental agreement, the first month rent and the deposit (if applicable) need to be transferred using internet banking. A deposit is only required in case you are an entrepreneur, you are not able to fully meet the income criteria or other special situations.

What documents do I need to upload during the registration?

Documents are requested during the registration process. These are mainly documents related to your identity and your income. Which documents these are exactly depends on your personal situation. During the registration process you will receive more information about this and you can see which documents are requested in your personal file. On this page you can read tips & tricks for safely uploading your documents.

How can I make sure my ID is compliant with AVG rules?

To prevent identity fraud, we do not process copies of identity documents on which the citizen service number and passport photo are still visible. So make sure that your citizen service number (BSN) and passport photo are not visible on the documents you upload. You can cover the BSN and your passport photo before making the copy, or you can use the CopyID app from the central government. In addition, it is important that you only submit the requested documents via your file and not by e-mail.

Where can I find the registration form and upload my documents?

On the top of this website you will find a button ‘register now!’. You can then create an account for ‘my environment’; an online file in which you can safely submit your data and documents.


How will the apartments be allocated?

After registration closes on Monday 3 January 2022 at 12:00, all registrations will be checked for the (income) conditions. You will receive an email about the assignment no later than Monday 17 January 2022. If there are multiple suitable candidates for the same apartment, a digital lottery will be held

Renting & conditions
Do I have to pay service costs on top of the monthly rent?

Yes, you pay service costs. Certain costs are shared for the communal areas that all residents use. you will always receive a separate statement and an annual overview of the service costs. The composition of the service costs is determined in a legal framework. More information can be found on the website of the Dutch government. The amount of the service costs has not yet been determined.

In addition to the service costs, you must pay the monthly costs for energy, internet and water, among other things.

The rent starts from € 975,- per month

Who can rent and live in an apartment in De Bakermat?

You can rent an apartment if you are going to live in it yourself and if you register after the move at the rented address in the Municipal Personal Records Database of the municipality of Eindhoven. Another important condition is that you have sufficient income to be able to pay the rent, now and in the future. Income guidelines apply to this. In addition, it is necessary that you do not have a negative BKR registration. Part of the rental procedure that we carry out is a BKR Credit Check, PEP and/or Sanction test.

The tenant(s) with his or her family may live in the house. All family members are registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database of the municipality of Eindhoven. Sharing houses is not allowed.

What is the minimum rental period?

You rent for a minimum of 1 year. After that, the lease can be terminated as of the first of the following month + 1 month. An example: you indicate on April 19 that you want to terminate the lease, then the lease will end on June 1.

What fixed costs do I pay in addition to the rental price?

In addition to your “basic” rent, you pay a monthly advance on the service costs. This includes costs of electricity for the common areas, maintenance of general installations, elevators, courtyard garden, cleaning costs, water, telephone costs for the elevator, glass insurance and a number of municipal taxes.

Also take into account the costs for private use of water, electricity, district heating, household insurance and (municipal) taxes.

Is it allowed to paint the window frames and the walls?

You can make the inside of the house to your own taste. So you can paint or wallpaper walls. It is not allowed to drill in tiling and to paint floors or frames. Of course you can drill into the wall or ceiling to hang something. Keep in mind that if you ever decide to leave the house, you have to return it to its original state.

What type of floor can I install in my apartment?

There is no floor included in the apartment at the moment of delivery of the apartments. As a tenant, you have to lay a floor yourself. This floor has to meet certain requirements due to the underfloor heating.

You have to select a (wooden) floor finish or floor covering that is suitable for underfloor heating and has a maximum insulation value of Rc = 0.09. Inquire about this with your floor supplier. Before your purchase, fill in the “vb&t Vastgoedmanagement form for approval” to make sure you install a suitable floor in your apartment.

Renting is smart and luxurious! Why?

As a tenant you know where you stand. No unexpected charges, no financial risks, no depreciation. And the major maintenance? You don’t have to worry about that. Repairs are also arranged for you, you only have to stay home for them sometimes.