Online rental, how does it work?

The apartments of De Bakermat are rented out online. This means that all steps in the rental process take place digitally. From registration to signing, it happens online in a secure environment. You don’t have to leave the house and can do it whenever it suits you. Sounds great, right?! Do you have questions during registration and matching? We are ready to help you!

Below you can read step by step how the rental process works.


Online rental - steps

In preparation

To get off to a good start, it is smart to first check whether you can meet the income guidelines and other conditions. Then you can search for your dream home via this website and start the registration process.

1. Start registration

You will find a button at the top of the page with “register now”. This button will lead you to the online registration. You will be redirected to a secure environment where you can enter your details and upload your documents. Which documents we ask from you depend on your personal situation.

2. Matching

All candidates who meet the income guidelines and other rental conditions, and who have provided all the requested information on that date, will be matched with the available apartments. This naturally takes into account the preferred residences you have entered. If there are several suitable candidates for 1 home, the allocation will be determined by means of a digital draw.

3. No match

If you are not the first to come out of the digital draw, you will not receive an e-mail about this. Only when all rental agreements have been signed will you receive an e-mail that all homes have been rented out. It is possible that homes that have been provisionally allocated become available again. In that case, a new draw will be held. This includes everyone who has registered up to that point. It is therefore possible that you will still receive a provisional assignment.

4. Match

If you have been matched with one of the available homes, you will receive a notification by email that you have received a provisional allocation. You can accept the provisional assignment in your file. The property is then no longer available to other candidates. You then continue in the rental process for that home. You will receive more information about this in one of the emails that follows after registration.

5. Documents approved

The documents are checked once by the property manager. Is everything really complete? A BKR credit check and possibly a PEP and/or sanction test of the BKR will then be performed. If everything is indeed in agreement, the property will be definitively assigned to you and you will receive the rental agreement. After you have digitally signed the lease, the property manager can also sign it digitally. Then it is official: you are the tenant of your dream home! Congratulations!

6. Key handover

During the key transfer, your proof of identity is checked by means of special software. Make sure you bring a valid ID or passport, a driver’s license is not considered a valid ID.